“Read what you love until you love to read.”

"True Wisdom Comes From Understanding, Not Memorization."

“Meditation is the art of doing nothing. You cannot do meditation. By definition, if you’re doing something, you’re not in meditation. Meditation is a state you’re in when you’re not doing anything – physically, mentally, or consciously. You’re just making no effort. You’re literally being completely still, physically and mentally, inside and out.”

“You’re actually in deep meditation all the time. It’s just covered up by all the noise and all the thoughts and all the emotional things that are running through you. It’s always there underneath.”

“Every psychedelic state that people encounter using so-called plant medicines can be arrived at just through pure meditation.”

“You can meditate 24/7. Meditation is not a sit-down and close your eyes activity. Meditation is basically watching your own thoughts like you would watch anything else in the outside world and saying, ‘Why am I having that thought? Does that serve me anymore? Is this just conditioning from when I was 10 years?’”

“Most smart people, over time, realize that possessions don’t make them happy.”

"Anything you wanted in your life – whether it was a car, whether it was a girl, or whether it was money – when you got it, a year later, you were back to zero. Your brain had hedonically adapted to it, and you were looking for the next thing.”

“If you’re smart, you should be able to figure out how to be happy. Otherwise, you’re not that smart.”

“Just like fitness can be a choice, health can be a choice, nutrition can be a choice, and working hard and making money can be a choice, happiness can be a choice as well.”

“Reality is neutral. Reality has no judgments. To a tree, there’s no concept of right or wrong or good or bad. You’re born, you have a whole set of sensory experiences… and then you die. How you choose to interpret that is up to you. And you do have that choice.”

“In every moment, in everything that happens, you can look on the bright side of something… There are two ways of seeing almost everything.”

“Desire to me is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.”

“Pick your one overwhelming desire – it’s okay to suffer over that one. But on all the other desires, let them go so you can be calm and peaceful and relaxed.”

“Desire is suffering… every desire you have is an axis where you will suffer. So just don’t focus on more than one desire at a time. The universe is rigged in such a way that if you just want one thing, and you focus on that, you’ll get it, but everything else you gotta let go.”

“In today’s day and age, many people think you get peace by resolving all your external problems, but there are unlimited external problems. The only way to actually get peace on the inside is by giving up the idea of having problems.”

“To me, peace is happiness at rest, and happiness is peace in motion. You can convert peace to happiness anytime you want.”

“A clear mind leads to better judgment and better outcomes. A happy, calm, and peaceful person will make better decisions. So if you want to operate at peak performance, you have to learn how to tame your mind.”

"Look at your own experiences; your bliss from success never lasts, nor does your misery from failure."